No matter what level of roughing it you prefer, your comfort and enjoyment is most important to us.

Campground Amenities

  • RV sites with full-hookups
  • Tent sites
  • Campfire pits
  • Unlimited WIFI
  • Swimming pool
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Bathroom facilities with exceptionally clean showers and flush toilets
  • Group pavilion for events and gatherings (upon request)
  • Pets welcome

On-Site Activities

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Working ranch – open range grazing of livestock and horses
  • Arrowhead hunting
  • Stargazing
  • Historic cabin of Wild Bill McKinney, a member of Quantrill’s Raiders
  • National Natural Landmark for Fossils tour
  1. 2-hour tour – 450 million-year-old sea floor from the Middle Ordovician period
  2. Considered the best North American trace fossil site
  3. Home of the “Ostracoderm” and “Giant Eurypterid
  4. Rates: $15/person 12 and up; $5/person under 12

RV Sites